Message from the Principal

(Foreword of SPOTLIGHT 2011 Issue 3)


Learning Beyond Boundaries

On behalf of Lai Chack Middle School, I warmly welcome you to the 3rd issue ofSpotlight : the annual English magazine showcasing snapshots of our students' achievements. As the Principal, I am very proud of having a team of dedicated and devoted English teachers who contributed their diligence and concerted efforts to realizing our dreams.

“Learning Beyond Boundaries”, as one of our school's major concerns, is the theme of this issue. In this fruitful year, we have made every endeavour to create opportunities for our students to go beyond any borders to gain diverse learning experiences: cross-curricular English day, exchange programme to Li Ze Middle School of Beijing, life wide learning day, and the action research project in collaboration with the Faculty of Education of HKU all aim at helping our students to become more aware that there are multiple ways of learning. With the integration of generic skills, values and attitudes to key learning experiences, we have taken a big step forward towards achieving whole person development and enhancing students' quest for knowledge and responsibilities. The KPM data this year is proof of these improvements in the domains of management & organization, learning & teaching, student support & school ethos and student performance. My compliments are not just to the whole team of teaching staff, but also to our school supervisor, Mr. Lau Kwok-wai, who offered us invaluable advice in adopting a humanistic approach in the provision of education with “heart”. His full support behind the stage has rendered the whole school momentum to face any challenges. Lai Chack is more than just a school. We are all a family working together to provide quality education for our next generation.

Our task is challenging. I am confident that our strong professional team can continue to build on its successes and meet the changing needs and expectations in the era of reform. It is always our expectation that our students will make most out of what is offered to them and develop their skills in communication, leadership, creativity and ability to sustain life-long learning in the meantime. I am looking forward to another fruitful and eventful year filled with challenges and opportunities ahead.

Spotlight will tell you more about our school as well as the inspirations we offered to our students. I hope you will find reading this magazine enjoyable!

Mr. Tsang Yau-shing
Lai Chack Middle School