The eyes of the Lord your God are on it at all times from one end of the year to the other. (Deuteronomy 11:12) 從歲首到年終,耶和華你上帝的眼目時常看顧那地。 (申命記11:12)

School News 最新消息

2020-10-20[重要資訊]Collection of 2020 HKDSE Certificates 領取2020年香港中學文憑試證書

Collection of 2020 HKDSE Certificates


1.香港中學文憑試證書派發日期由即日起至 2021年8月31日止。 2021年8月31日後證書將退回考評局,屆時同學必須自行聯絡考評局申領證書。

2.請同學親身於辦公時間(星期一至五 上午8時至下午5時,星期六 上午8時至中午12時)到本校校務處領取證書,並出示身份證以供核對,如委託他人代領,受託人必須出示該生的授權信、身份證副本及受託人的身份證以供核對。

3.同學應盡早到校領取證書以便核對證書上的個人資料,如於2020年12月31日或以前向考評局提出更正資料申請, 無須繳費;如於2021年1月1日至2021年3月31日期間提出更正申請,須繳付費用 $268予考評局;於2021年3月31日後,考評局將不接納更改證書上個人資料的申請。


2020-12-10Student Achievement : Congratulations to our English Debate Team for winning in the 20-21 HKSSDC Term 1 Competition 學生成就:恭賀本校英語辯論隊於20-21香港中學辯論比賽中勝出

Lai Chack's new debate team defeated Po Leung Kuk Ho Yuk Ching (1984) College by two points. It was a Zoom debate. Our three speakers, Harry Heung Ho-ping, Harry Lui Ka-hei from 4A, and Moses Lee from 4B did a great job. Sincere thanks to their coach, Mr. Patience, for his continuous effort in training the debate team.

We were on the affirmative side of the motion 'Hong Kong should have a residential garbage tax before 2022.' The adjudicator commented that although both teams had good cases, we did more to answer the additional part of the topic as to why this tax needs to be introduced before 2022. We did this by pointing out that the landfills were predicted to be completely full by this very year, so the situation was serious and required immediate action. He also praised our third speaker, Harry Lui, for rounding off the team arguments very well.

Annie Lau Fei and Rita Li Ying-xiang from 4A acted as chairperson and time keeper respectively. Both were efficient and excellent.

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