Structure of School Management
2021 - 2022年度 學校行政架構

Academic Board 教務部 Student Development Board 學生發展部

School Development Board 學校發展部 

Academic Administration 教務行政
Information Technology and WebSAMS Team
Student Support Committee 學生支援委員會 School Sustainable Development 學校持續發展
STEM & IT STEM及資訊科技 Discipline Committee訓導委員會 Project WeCan 學校起動計劃
School-based Support & After School Learning 校本支援及課後學習 Guidance Committee 輔導委員會
SEN Support 特殊關顧 Career & Guidance Committee 升學就業輔導委員會  
Reading Promotion 閱讀推廣
(Library 圖書館)
Co-Curricular Activities Committee 聯課活動委員會  
Professional & Curriculum Development 教師專業及課程發展 Moral & Civic Education Committee
  Religion Committee 宗教委員會  
  Campus TV 校園電視台  

Supporting Staff

Executive Officer
Ms. Tobe, Yau Hiu Yan

Ms. Celine, Chan Ling (Administration)

School Secretary
Ms. Sally, Fung Pik Lee

Clerical Staff
Ms. Iris, Cho Ching Wan
Ms. Ho Ching Sum
Ms. Kate, Kiu Pui Wah
Ms. Alice, Chui Lai Ping
Ms. Hung Sun Sun
Ms. Yvonne, Cheung Yuk Ying

Accounting Assistant
Ms. Jennifer, Lie Chun Hing

Laboratory Technicians
Mr. Lai Kwong Chuen
Mr. Kowk Ting Leung

Mr. Wong Yat Cheong (Infomation Technology)
Mr. Tsui Yeung Chun  (Infomation Technology)
Mr. Ng Ka Chuen ( (Infomation Technology & Audio Visual)

School Social Workers
Ms. Lai Mei Yu
Mr. So Tsz Him
Ms. Wong Sze Yui

Educational Psychologist
Ms. Katherine, Chan Yin Wai

School Chaplain
Rev. Cheung Shu Keung

School Ministry
Mr. Wong Ka Ho